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1)  What is Gogocater?

Answer:  Gogocater is an online service.  We make it easy for customers to place catering orders for their corporate and group meals.

2)  How do I find restaurants and caterers on Gogocater?

Answer:  In the restaurant search bar, enter your address, city or zip code to see restaurant and catering options.

3)  Why are some delivery minimums and lead times so high?

Answer:  Restaurants on Gogocater set their own delivery minimums and lead times, so they can appropriately staff and process your orders. 

4)  Who does the deliveries on Gogocater?

Answer:  The restaurants do their own delivery, and for some restaurants, a 3rd Party delivery agent may be engaged to handle the deliveries.

5)   Should I tip?

Answer:  We recommend tipping.  Drivers are entitled to the tips you leave them.  We recommend a tip of 10% for the driver.

6)   Can I manage my orders?

Answer:  For advance orders, you can manage your order in the following ways:
  • Change the time/date of your order,
  • Request a cancellation of your order (orders may be subject to a cancellation fee depending on the restaurant),
  • Add-on to your order, and
  • Reorder past orders.

7)  I understand Gogocater has a rewards program.  How does that work?

Answer:  Yes, we do have a popular rewards program.  You earn points with every dollar you place on the service.  Check out the rewards program rules at

8)  Do you offer corporate billing?

Answer:  Yes.  Email us at to request a billing account.

9)  How do Gogocater ensure my orders will be accurate and on-time?

Answer:  We confirm every order placed through our service.  We have both automated and manual processes to validate an order will be delivered as requested.

10)  What is there is a problem with my order?

Answer:  You can call or email us at 408-884-3889 or  We will work with you to resolve any issues you may have with orders made through our service.
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